Term 1 2019 Classes:

Start from Monday 11th February onwards for 9 weeks finishing Friday 12th April.


1. Only students who have been pre-registered through our website with email confirmation reference numbers will be allowed to participate in classes. Please make sure you have completed your booking 48 hours before class start date. We do not offer pro rata rates for late starters as we encourage full term participation.

2. Bookings only work on a laptop or computer and NOT through a smart phone.

3. Casual sessions only apply mid term onwards.

Holiday Programs $50

Next Program 19th December 9:30-4p.m @ Cambridge East School for all ages & ability. You do not have to be a student of the school to attend this program.

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Special rate session $95

Arataki Primary / Bethlehem College 45 minute session / Goodwood School 45 minute session/ Tauranga Primary 8 week programme

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Regular rate session for Bay of Plenty programs $125

For all other schools in Bay of Plenty region

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Regular rate session for Waikato programs $125

For schools in Waikato region (Please see additional Waikato sessions for Endeavour & Southwell School)

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Advanced Sessions $195 (1.5 Hours)

1.5 hour sessions for students 

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Excel Sessions $250 (2 hours)

2 hour sessions for students 

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Casual Session $20

For students wanting a "have a go" taster session. Only available mid term onwards as a one off session.

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Event Registration $50

Inter-Regional Championships on Sunday 18th November 2018

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Additional Waikato Sessions $145

Endeavour, Southwell & Te Ao Marama School Sessions

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