Holiday Programs

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Program Information

Increase your gymnastic skills & knowledge and have some fun. For all ages five years and older and abilities. Children do not need to be a previous student to register for our Holiday Program or have any previous back ground in gymnastics or tumbling. Please arrive with a drink bottle, morning tea and lunch packed and suitable clothing for sports and warm clothes.


Holiday Programme Dates


School Location,


9:00a.m - 3p.m Full Day ($40) and 9-12:30pm Half Day ($25)


$40 per day for the full day 9:00-3pm and $25 half day 9:00-12:00pm. Please pre-register for the class on the book now page.

What to bring & Time Schedule

Please bring morning tea, packed lunch, drink bottle and clothing appropriate for gymnastic activities. Students will be provided a treat of popcorn, ice cream or lollies late afternoon. Please indicate if your children have allergies to these treats in the sign up form.

9:00 - 9:30a.m.

Games & warm up activities of stretching, partner work, gymnastic shapes, foundation skills on air mat.

9:30 - 11:00a.m.

Skill demonstration, training and instruction. Students will show the coaches what skill level they are currently at (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and training will begin. Students will learn to master their current skills with good technique and learn new skills as they improve. There will be breaks for instruction with 10 minutes training a skill and then 5 minutes instruction for four blocks. Children will learn good techniques as they practice and also how to pace their training so that they do not get fatigued.

11-11:30 am.

Morning tea break, children eat a snack for 15 minutes and have an opportunity for free play of skipping games, ball games, balance games with friends.


Fundamental ball skills coaching learning good technique for kicking, throwing, catching, bouncing, hitting various balls in a fun environment with friends.


Lunch time with 30 minute eating time and 30 minute free play time.


Games, obstacle courses & activities of partner work and team games with a focus on strength and conditioning for sport.


Free time where students choose what gymnastic or ball skills they would like to practice and then treat time! We provide a sweet treat for the effort of the day which may include ice cream, pop corn or lollies. If you child is allergic to certain foods please provide details in the sign up form.

Please pick up your child 3pm. Coaches are packing up til 3:30pm and pre-arrangements for a late pick up are required.