Our Program

We deliver comprehensive gymnastic programs in schools that will improve your child's gymnastic and fundamental movement skills from beginner to advanced level.
About our training program

The Gymnastics Academy follows a systematic progression to training our students following key concepts:

  • Correct execution of skill
  • Slow to fast
  • Simple to complex
  • Static to dynamic

Through proper practice and experience each week students learn to produce skilled movements with permanent change which can be retained for the future and built upon.

Our coaches motivate students by providing feedback on performance to help increase the quality of their movements and tools so the student can learn for themselves how to improve.

Many students exceed their expectations and become physically efficient individuals who excel at sport.

Term Training


  • Action packed
  • Exciting
  • Energetic sessions

Students participate in an integrated gymnastic program with a wide range of activities that include tumbling, trampoline, balanced beam, bar, vaulting, agility, core function & flexibility training. Friendships are formed and students connect as they train together and build confidence. Please enquire to see what program suits your schedule.