Our Program

FUNdamental gymnastic coaching with beginner, intermediate and advanced training programs
About our training program

The Gymnastics Academy follows a systematic progression to training our students following key concepts:

  • Correct execution of skill
  • Slow to fast
  • Simple to complex
  • Static to dynamic

Through proper practice and experience each week students learn to produce skilled movements with permanent change which can be retained for the future and built upon. We offer three training programme's (beginner, intermediate and advanced). New students with no previous experience start out in the beginner programme where they will learn essential FUNdamental movement skills. New students with prior experience may jump straight into the intermediate or advanced programme with a skill assessment. As students work through our progressive training programmes they become versatile in their movements.

Our coaches motivate students by providing feedback on performance to help increase the quality of their movements and tools so the student can learn for themselves how to improve.

Many students become physically proficient individuals who excel at sport.

Term Training

Students participate in our gymnastic based training program with a focus on the gymnastic tumbling skills on our inflatable air tracks that we bring to class. All students no matter what training program they are working in start with a class briefing on various topics of training rules and class safety, term focus and goals, a warm up game, basic air track drills and a group warm up routine which may consist of stretches, core strength, balance, partner work and FUNdamental gym skills. Students then have time for a drink break and listen carefully to coach instructions on skill training stations for the day. Students are put into training groups with children of a similar age to work through the various skill activities. Friendships are formed and students connect as they train together and build confidence. Each term has a specific focus, Term 1 and Term 2 students can gain grade awards for their skill achievement. Each training programme has three grades to pass before moving onto the next training programme. The beginner programme is made up of grade 1,2,& 3. The grade award is a certificate received at the end of the term training in week 9. The intermediate programme progress's to grade 4,5 & 6. The grade award is a certificate received at the end of term training. The advanced training progress's to grade 7, 8 & 9. The grade award is a medal bronze, silver & then gold with ribbon standards in-between awards to indicate progression level from merit, good, very good and excellence. Most students will remain in a training programme for approximately three to six school terms before moving up a level. Please enquire to see what program suits your schedule. Action Packed Energetic Exciting

Grade Awards

Term 1 and term 2 has a focus on grade awards.